exhibition: morocco a way of life

The country of the French during the era of Protectionism, the revolts and the Hispanics, Of acrobats, snake charmers and storytellers, Of tanners, carpenters and traders The country of the migrants who settled in the Netherlands. Morocco a country of great contrasts. The inspiration for Aldo van Eyck and Piet Blom. The medina and her narrow streets, enclosed gardens and unprecedented architecture. The casbahs erected as a monolith with the same clay on which they stand. The mountain villages, hidden away in no man’s land, spread accros the peaks and valleys, yet connected. All so different. Yet built on the same principles: Culture, traditions and religion

Morocco, A way of life

a journey by Abdessamed Azarfane & Milad Pallesh  27.09.13 – 04.10.13


Morocco, a way of life, is an exhibition created by Milad Pallesh and Abdessamed Azarfane. In this exhibition we wanted to show Morocco, not as a just a country with a certain tradition, but as a country of which the culture and tradition are part of the built environment in rural and urban settings, making it a way of life.

The exhibition is open from march 17th 2014 to the end of april at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture