Bayt won the 2nd prize for Archiprix 2015

With my project “Bayt, a different view on social housing in Morocco”, I have won the 2nd prize for Archiprix 2015. The project was runner up for Best Graduation Plan in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture.

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The jury came to the following conclusion:

The design of this graduation projects for social housing in Casablanca aims to pose an inspiring alternative to Morocco’s present strategy in which inhabitants from the lower social class are moved en masse out of the city to monotonous suburbs. The designers intention is an outcome of his personal frustration at the severely problematic practice in Morocco. And he succeeds convincingly in this ambition. The clearly written report presents a good analysis of the problem and develops a sound concept in which synergy is sought and found at multiple levels. The designer attends moreover to issues of ecology, water and climate. Resident participation also has an important place in the proposal, as benefits the self-organization that typifies the shanty towns where a major part of the project’s target group live. The design is consistent and well thought out at every scale from the city to the individual dwelling. In its measured pace the presentation portrays a splendid, complete plan in which the architecture is perfectly matched to the community that uses it.

online publications:

for more information, see the full project